No matter what your interactive meeting, event or collaborative needs: The extensive portfolio of VoteWorks® APPs and Equipment from Infowhyse is up to the challenge. 



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Infowhyse systems are portable interactive audience response and electronic voting tools commonly used in meeting, training, decision making, and research applications.

Infowhyse systems use the world's top wireless (RF) technology designed specifically for audience response and interactive voting applications.
  • Interactive conferences, seminars, and exhibitions
  • Delegate and shareholder voting sessions
  • Classroom training and interactive distance learning
  • Group decision support and strategic planning
  • Focus group research
  • Employee and customer surveys
  • Advertising testing
  • Opinion analysis and political polling
  • TV game shows and special events
  • Assessment and auditing
  • Multisite videoconferences
  • And more!
EdiVote, as simple as 123
Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience improves attentiveness, interest, comprehension, and recall. Direct involvement and instant feedback also promote more effective communication. The result is greater effectiveness and productivity -- for both the presenter and audience members.