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EdiVote/EdiVote Pro: 1.4


IMPORTANT NOTE: We have observed a problem with the following configuration: MS PowerPoint 2013/2016 using presenters view in EdiVote. Researching this, we have detected that other Software's have the same issue with their Add-In and MS PowerPoint 2013/2016. Please do NOT use Presenters View with Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 at the moment. We will let you know as soon as this has been fixed. You can deactivate the presenters view by going to the “Slide Show” Tab and uncheck the box that says: “Use Presenters View”.

Please uninstall your previous version before installing the update.

Please note that Infowhyse has release EdiVote Pro 1.4, which also includes a bugfix for the c# compiler Error Message from previous Versions using windows 8.1 and Office 2013

(obsolete)IMPORTANT NOTE: With the latest Windows updates using Microsoft Windows 8.1, some customers get error messages (C# Compiler Error). We are working on a solution, which will be included in the next releases. For new Versions of EdiVote Pro, please contact our support@infowhyse.com

We have released EdiVote Pro 1.3.98. This version contains two new features. The most important one is that our "Non-Responder Table" is back. This means that you can now open our the non-responder table at any time during your voting by simply pressing CTRL+F2 on your keyboard. The other new functionality will improve the speed to setup your system. In other word, if you are always using the same set of keypads, the same usb port and the same setup, you now just have to do the hardware setup only the first time and can check the "AUTO CONNECT BASESTATION" functionality, that can be found in the TOOLS Menu. Please note that you require an up to date maintenance to receive the latest EdiVote Version. To extend your maintenance now or request the latest Version, please contact our support@infowhyse.com
or call in at: +49 6032 925928 12