Voting software which ties into your registra software?

Voting software which allows to be controlled

via your own user interface during an AGM?

  - YES / NO / ABS Votes with Soft Keys (Abstain Optional)
 - Individual Feedback to the Keypads (text is changeable)
 - Candidate Election
 - Top Investors monitor
 - Live Export to XML and Output to the Screen
 - Live validation with Feedback to the Keypads
The specific requirements of shareholder meetings (AGM’s) and Candidate Elections have a multitude of different requirements dependent on the country where they are taking place and specific company rules. The i-Assembly™ software’s has been constructed  to provide the un-weighted voting, validations and candidate selection processes covering most scenarios.

Are you a registrar, union or association and you don’t want to hand over valuable shareholder data
to a 3rd party just to be able to perform Agenda item votes or candidate elections electronically?

With the assembly package you get full control of the votes, detailed login,
instant feedback to the shareholder for every action and a validated result that can be imported into your system.