Auctions ? The I-Bid™ Software allows you to select between

different bidding modes, stop a lot after a specific time

period and you don'teven need a hammer.

  -  Subtractive Bidding
  -  Incremental Bidding
  -  Value Bidding
  -  Instant EXCEL® Report after each LOT
  -  Set Minimum Bid for Incremental
  -  Set Maximum Bidding Time
  -  Set purchase Price for Value
     Bidding to directly stop the lot when
     this or a higher amount has been entered
i-Bid™ is a simple and easy to use auction application that provides you with several different types
of voting methods. Incremental (bid is increased by pre-set incremental values) and value
(a physical bid value is entered) are the two most common forms of bidding.

An integrated counter indicates the time remaining for bidding on the open LOT to the audience.
The LOT can be stopped manually at any time or automatically by setting a predetermined time.
A detailed Report with valid and invalid bids are able to be provided at the end of each LOT.