The answer lies in the questions

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About Us




One of the world's leading providers of audience response (electronic voting) systems and solutions.


With offices and affiliates throughout the world we can truly offer a local service (if not in your own town, at least in your own time zone).



Infowhyse has been operating from Europe since 2004 and brings more than 15 years of international experience to the global audience response market.



The Power of Group Audience Response Systems Add Interactivity to Meetings and Classrooms with Audience Response Systems from Infowhyse!





Questions are almost certainly the most powerful communication tools available to us. Strong interaction, intellectual collateral, strategic planning and the meaningful exchange of ideas and information are all products of asking skilful questions and heeding the answers that they elicit. In the absence of adept questions, communications are often considered weak or worthless, non-communicative rhetoric if you will, or worse still – miscommunication.

Questions are the means we use to unearth new information, to compare our points of view and perceptions with reality, and to learn more about what others are thinking and perceiving. When we don't ask questions, we're assuming that we know everything there is to know about the topic or issue which, even in the very rare case that that might be true, can give the impression of arrogance.