To celebrate the rapidly expanding global network that stretches well beyond Europe together with the launch of a far wider and more comprehensive product portfolio, OptionFinder Europe GmbH is pleased to announce its new name:
01st May 2009
Infowhyse released one of the world's easiest Voting Softwares.
EdiVote™ brings together easy handling with the strength of PowerPoint®
The tag line of Edivote "As Simple as 1,2,3" reflects the ease of use of EdiVote™
1 - Authoring Questions as easy as working normal with PowerPoint®
2 - Run Presentation completely with the Spacebar as you know it while working with normal Powerpoint Presentations.
3 - Creating Reports on 1 Click and enjoy viewing your results.
01st April 2009
The new name, Infowhyse together with the tag line "The Answer Lies in the Questions" and the new globe in the universe logo all combine to reflect the truly global nature of the Infowhyse business and network whilst simultaneously emphasising the purpose of its business, i.e. to provide advanced solutions through the collection and analysis of information (INFO) gathered from groups of individuals in real time through questions (WHY) fused together to create inspired and wise solutions (SE)