The answer lies in the questions

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Contact: Marianne Hellwig, Executive Assistant

Infowhyse GmbH

Hermann-Ehlers-Strasse 8, 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Telephone: +49 6032 9259280


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Infowhyse, one of Europe’s leading providers of audience response (electronic voting) systems and solutions, is delighted to announce that Infowhyse GmbH has acquired the Reply® Audience Response System brand from the Fleetwood Group, Inc. in one of the most sweeping moves the market has seen to date, and which instantly creates one of the largest global dealer networks in the industry. This landmark deal, which includes an ongoing manufacturing agreement, is worth an undisclosed but substantial multi-million dollar sum.

Reply® is the foremost brand in the Audience Response System industry and for the last quarter of a century has been, as it remains today, one of the industry’s most distinguished names with over six million keypads sold worldwide. The Fleetwood Group, founded in 1955, has been the sole manufacturer of the Reply® products for over twenty five years.

Infowhyse GmbH established its operations in 2004, operating from their HQ offices in Bad Nauheim (near Frankfurt), Germany. Infowhyse has been at the forefront of audience response market development in its own right, as well as being the hardware provider, software developer and inventory hub for numerous resellers and service partner companies spanning some 22 countries. The company has been working with Fleetwood (the manufacturer of Reply®) and offering Fleetwood built products including Reply® in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, as well as India and Mexico from the beginning and has been one of Fleetwood’s largest Reply® resellers throughout the last ten years.

Fleetwood Group, Inc., is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built radio frequency (RF) keypads for audience response and electronic voting applications. All wireless devices are designed and manufactured by Fleetwood Group’s Electronics Division in Holland, Michigan USA. The Division has a full suite of development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities that have been honed over its more than 35 years in the RF communications field, resulting in innovative products like the Reply® Wireless Audience Response Systems.

“The consolidation of the Infowhyse operations under the Reply® brand together with the existing Reply® reseller network creates one of the largest international dealer networks in the industry and will allow for considerable global sales growth in both the corporate and education markets, through innovative marketing and distribution under one of the most renowned names in the industry”, says Neil Mirchandani, CEO of Infowhyse GmbH.

“The purchase of the Reply® brand by Infowhyse also allows Fleetwood to grow its manufacturing and OED initiatives without the conflict of having our own competing brand, whilst at the same time enabling Fleetwood to continue to build quality products under the Reply® brand, now on behalf of Infowhyse, from our ISO-9001 certified facilities in Holland, Michigan USA”, adds Heather Waller, Director of Sales for Fleetwood Group’s Electronic Division.

“The Reply® brand has always had an excellent reputation in the industry for delivering innovative and reliable products”, continues Mirchandani, “and this acquisition provides a unique opportunity for Reply® to once again be a real game-changer, headed by Infowhyse’s sales and distribution expertise, together with extensive plans and a powerful new drive to take this historically pioneering brand to the very highest level on a truly global scale”.

For more information about Infowhyse GmbH and/or the Reply® range of Audience Response Systems, please visit Or contact Infowhyse on +49 6032 9259280 or by e-mail through the contact information provided above.

Approved for immediate release: Tuesday 26th August 2014



To celebrate the rapidly expanding global network that stretches well beyond Europe together with the launch of a far wider and more comprehensive product portfolio, OptionFinder Europe GmbH is pleased to announce its new name:
01st May 2009
Infowhyse released one of the world's easiest Voting Softwares.
EdiVote™ brings together easy handling with the strength of PowerPoint®
The tag line of Edivote "As Simple as 1,2,3" reflects the ease of use of EdiVote™
1 - Authoring Questions as easy as working normal with PowerPoint®
2 - Run Presentation completely with the Spacebar as you know it while working with normal Powerpoint Presentations.
3 - Creating Reports on 1 Click and enjoy viewing your results.
01st April 2009
The new name, Infowhyse together with the tag line "The Answer Lies in the Questions" and the new globe in the universe logo all combine to reflect the truly global nature of the Infowhyse business and network whilst simultaneously emphasising the purpose of its business, i.e. to provide advanced solutions through the collection and analysis of information (INFO) gathered from groups of individuals in real time through questions (WHY) fused together to create inspired and wise solutions (SE)