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Reply® Mini Plus - Reply® Plus

Reply® Plus

he all-new Reply® Plus lets you fully harness the wisdom and
creativity of your audience with an interactive, leading edge response
device. Audience feedback is more involved than answering a simple
yes/no question at a meeting. Savvy groups are now using response
systems that are capable of multi-digit input for training, medical
education, employee surveys, market research and much more.

Reply® Plus includes an easy-to-read display that allows
participants to enter and view answer choices with up to 11
characters. It supports advanced applications that require more than
basic multiple choice input. As a result, the Reply® Plus provides
breakthrough functionality for research, training, assessment and
facilitated group decision-making activities. The base station connects
via USB or Ethernet connectors, opening the door for multi-site
meetings and distance learning.

The lightweight Reply® Plus is nearly 25% smaller and lighter
weight than it’s predecessor. The Reply® Plus adds a 2-line LCD
display, additional interactive keys and status icons to its impressive
list of features. The device’s range and scalability have also
significantly expanded, with a base station range of 650 feet and a
500 keypad capability.
Reply® Plus uses breakthrough frequency hopping spread
spectrum (FHSS) radio technology to achieve superior range,
reliability and security. The system can be used license-free
worldwide on the 2.4 GHz band. The Reply® Plus is compatible
with versions of SoftVote™, EdiVote™, EdiVote™ Pro and Infowhyse software. For
sophisticated capabilities in a small package, the all-new
Reply® Plus is your clear choice


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Reply® Mini Plus

The Reply® Mini Plus is a small, highly portable response device at an exceptional price. It makes high-end interactive events possible for groups of any size.
Reply® Mini Plus is a miniaturized version of the larger Reply® Plus.


Reply® Mini Plus is being used in interactive meetings, special events, and other feedback activities that the audio-visual industry commonly classifies as ‘ audience response ’, ‘ group response ’, or ‘interactive voting ’.

Together Reply Mini Plus wireless audience response keypads and a Reply® Plus base station (or the new USB stick version) comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system.



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