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Software Overview

Group Response - The Power of Focus with Interactivity

Put the power of interactivity into the hands of presenters, facilitators, and meeting leaders. Interactive technology is a powerful tool for improving meetings, training sessions, market research, self-assessments and a variety of other applications where anonymity is called for or where large sets of data need to be collected. Over the last two decades, our keypad technology and state-of-the-art software have been used by thousands of organizations to tap the collective wisdom of employees customers, and other constituencies.

Infowhyse offers a wide range of group response systems, each leveraging the power of Reply® interactive keypads and providing a diverse range of capabilities that meet your particular needs. Learn more about IW’s Interactive Group Response Systems:

Software Overview


Professor Solo is a Standalone application
to generate Microsoft EXCEL® Reports and
Powerpoint® Results from your Reply® Solo.
Import Questions to your Solo, Export Results to EXCEL®
Powerpoint®. Professor Solo works with Reply® Mini
and Reply® WW Keypads, combined with a Reply® Solo


The key to Edivote™ is simplicity (it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3):
EdiVote™ is a Microsoft PowerPoint® Add-In. It uses only
Microsoft resources, requires no database, or session storing.
Easy Reports using Microsoft EXCEL®, Compatible with
Office 2003 and 2007, Easy Setup, Improved Ease of use,
Works with all the latest Reply


Edivote™ Pro has all the capabilities of Edivote with
additional functionality designed for regular users who
require more than just the basics. The main additions are:
Comparisons, Ranking, Scoring and a more enhanced reporting ability.


SoftVote™ has been built and specifically designed
to further enhance the already significant capabilities
provided by the Infowhyse Rental Network and to provide our
customers with power-user applications and solutions not c
urrently available elsewhere. Now we are pleased to announce
that SoftVote™ is now available for purchase.


SoftVote™ Pro is without doubt the most powerful interactive
voting software that works within the PowerPoint
® environment.
Added to all the regular features of
SoftVote™, SoftVote™ Pro
combines the calculation capabilities of Excel® with
® and SoftVote™ Pro’s own chating capabilities.
Only available on an annual subscription basis.


The Wisdom Wizard is a stand - alone application.
The Key feature is to support the new SMS - functionality
for Reply® Plus Keypads. The Wisdom Wizard™
Textknowledgy™ allows for the collection of qualitative text
responses together with sorting and voting capabilities to aid
brainstorming, team collaboration and decision support activities.