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SoftVote™ Key Features

SoftVote™ combines all the regular functionality of traditional software with a multitude of
other powerful functions and tools including:



  • Slide Templates that incorporate Microsoft Graph
  • Slide Templates that allow control of numerous individual objects on a single slide
  • A variety of segmentation and demographic functions
  • Speed Scoring (Cumalative or just last question for tie-breakers)
  • Text to keypad capabilities
  • Moment to Moment graphs and traces
  • Automatic and Manual elimination capabilities
  • Secret Voting
  • Keypad Sharing
  • Display of individual results on screen
  • Dual screen capability for higher flexibility and ability to preview results
  • Animated bars
  • Display of data in single or multiple chart formats
  • X/Y Graphs
  • Prioritisation exercises
  • Rating Exercise
  • Stacked bars
  • Auction functions
  • Delegate Voting
  • Shareholder Voting
  • List Processing
  • Forced Comparisons
  • Risk Register
  • Theatre Quiz
  • Kepad Mapper to allow groupings of different votes
  • And a whole host more
  • works with OptionFinder and Reply keypads


SoftVote™ has been designed to
enable the creation of virtually any
template in order that we are able to display
the results that you are actually seeking without
having to compromise. If you don’t see what you
need in our current portfolio, just ask:
The chances are if we don’t have it already we can build it.


SoftVote™ Details

SoftVote™ is a unique,multi-module voting application, specifically designed for the rental market and made available only through the Infowhyse Network. With this PowerPoint add-in, your Infowhyse operator creates polling slides and your audience can view results in eal-time, we don’t even have to close the vote
to show you the results as they stand at any given moment.

The use of Microsoft Excel (an essential part of each Office package) as a database enables SoftVote™ to display results using more complex formulae, macro’s or calculations than its competitors as well as integrating fully with your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Albeit new, SoftVote™ is already fully compatable with Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 to enable SoftVote™ to integrate with the most modern presentation tools.

SoftVote™ also features an auto data export function to allow it to link to other graphic outputs such as Flash, other Macromedia packages and even real-time 3D rendering engines.

In short, SoftVote™ is the most complete, most versatile and most capable single rental application on the market.


SoftVote™ Overview

Welcome to SoftVote™: The interactive domain that truly brings your audience’s world into your universe.

SoftVote™: has been built and specifically designed to further enhance the already
significant capabilities provided by the Infowhyse Rental Network and to provide our
customers with applications and solutions not currently available elsewhere. Now we are
pleased to announce that SoftVote™ is now available for purchase.

Rely on SoftVote™ to maximise your future events and watch as your audience absorbs
the content and the objectives of your participative presentations whilst you gather a true
insight into their thinking. Enjoy!
SoftVote™: is fully compatible with all Optionfinder and Reply branded keypads and allows
the user to maximise the functionality of the impressive range of hardware available.

Users of SoftVote™ join a unique family of resourceful leaders, educators, trainers, market
researchers, surveyors and team builders. In today’s dynamic world the yes/no don’t know
or pick 1 of five question and answer formats are no longer sufficient. For example if you
ask 200 people whether they prefer product A or Product B a simple selection process won’
t tell you why; what has influenced them, is it brand, passion, functionality, price or some
other factor. If you ask them the same question without revealing the brand would the
answer be the same, are their correlations with other buying habits or behaviours, simple
selection is only a small part of the story. SoftVote™’s ability to dynamically link multiple
questions and answers and apply formulae, eliminators, criteria and other factors allows
organizations to identify trends and patterns that have a real impact on their businesses
both internally and externally.

Don’t rely merely on answers: Get real results with SoftVote™