Pravin Mirchandani

A straight-forward, "tell-it-like-it-is"
approach to current business issues,
coupled with nearly 20 years of
management and leadership experience in
the IT/Telecommunications industry, makes
Pravin Mirchandani a dynamic and much
sought-after professional speaker and
master of ceremonies.

Pravin has held senior management positions at
Nortel Networks, Orchestream, Proteon and
Codima Technologies, and is now an
independent consultant on IT strategy, change
management, acquisition strategy and business
His enthusiastic speaking style and enlightening insights captivate the attention of
audiences on a wide range of topics including hi-tech sales and marketing, IT
investment and acquisition strategies, and the impact of technology. As well as these
more general topics, Pravin is equally at ease speaking in his areas of specialist
knowledge: acquisition strategy, results-based IT marketing, network management
and network security issues.
Previous Speaking Engagements Constant MC & Plenary Speaker at Bay Networks & Nortel Networks from 1997-2001
including several multi-city seminar series; bi-annual channel and sales conferences
and individual customer presentations; press and investor events; and consultant

The major speaking themes were industry and technology trends surrounding Bay &
Nortel Networks products. Pravin was rated as one of the top three European
speakers at Bay/Nortel with consistent feedback results of 5 out of 5 or in one case
5.5 out of 5 for exceptional performance. He received several commendations for his
exceptional speaking performances and motivational power.

Also spoken at numerous industry events and investment conferences including the
MPLS Forum and IP Communication Forum as well as provided consultative industry
briefings to his clients.

At the recent IP Communications 2004 Forum event, he spoke on a theme tangential
to the main conference topics and received this feedback from the organizers:
“The delegates were very positive in their comments on their feedback
questionnaires, and thought that his presentation was practical, informative, and well
presented. There were also a number of comments regarding the usefulness of his
very thorough and comprehensive overview of Network Management in relation to
convergence. A final analysis of the delegate’s marks for content and presentation
resulted in Pravin in fact being voted second most popular speaker at the event.”