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Reply® WorldWide / Reply® Mini

Reply® WorldWide

Reply® WorldWide is Infowhyse’s next generation single digit response System. This advanced two-way radio platform is smaller, lighter, faster, and more powerful than it’s predecessor.

® WorldWide uses breakthrough frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio technology to achieve superior range, reliability and security. The system may be used worldwide on the license-free 2.4 GHz band.

® WorldWide is compatible with previous versions of SoftVote™, EdiVote™, EdiVote™ Pro and the most other Infowhyse software. It provides a seamless migration path for clients who need to replace an existing system.

Reply Mini® is the ideal solution for facilitated meetings, training and classroom applications.

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Reply® Mini

The Reply Mini offers a simple low cost soluticost solution with the additional benefit of the small form factor to provide greater mobility.

Reply Mini is a miniaturized version of the popular Reply World Wide.
Reply Mini is being used in interactive meetings, special events, and other feedback activities that the audio-visual industry commonly classifies as ‘ audience response ’, ‘ group response ’, or ‘interactive voting ’.

Together Reply Mini wireless audience response keypads and a Reply WorldWide base station (or the new USB stick version) comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system.

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