Independend but PowerPoint simplicity? The Synthesis™, Unity™, Elect™ package for customized solutions is here for you.
Use it with out touchscreen device Ativa™

  - Adjust dimensions of presentation window
 - Impromptu / Ad Hoc questions
 - Status box shows number of keypads voting
 - Manual or auto-start clock, music, movies
 - Hot backup writes data to second computer
 - Use menu or keyboard for all commands
 - Show non-voting keypads
 - Re-vote slides – overwrite previous
 - Real-time filtering of results by demographic group
 - Compare up to ten slides – data & labels only
 - Review or Jump to slides
 - Display a ‘Call on Me’ list
 - Assign keypads to individuals – Roster file
 - Team Standings screen – customizable
 - Individual Standings screen – customizable
 - Time Stamping – Accurate to 1/20th of a second

Synthesis can be used for general presentation support since it includes opinion polling capabilities,
title slides, and demographic comparisons.

However Synthesis is focused on learning, allowing you to specify correct answers,
assign points to questions as a weighting factor, put people into teams, show team standings,
show individual standings and produce a multitude of reports.