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Our mission is to help the World understand that there is always a discoverable answer to solve every human or business problem: The Answer Lies In The Questions™

Reply® Audience Response, Electronic Voting Systems

 and Interactive Solutions

Infowhyse: Home of

​   Reply® Wireless Interactive Technology

         The world's largest portfolio of interactive keypads.


   INFOWHYSE's Vast Array of dedicated Software Solutions

         Dedicated to meet all your event, seminar or meeting requirements.



Byopad Virtual Keypad

THE INFOWHYSE Reply® Audience Polling and Response Systems

Reply® has been building audience response, student response and electronic voting systems for more than 25 years.


Production began in in the US and has recently expanded to Asia, taking full advantage of advances in technology, to deliver the most competitive value available for our customers.


With more than 6 million keypads sold using Reply® Technology, Reply® has rapidly established itself as the most trusted brand in the audience response industry.

With our range of Electronic voting and Audience response keypads together with our Software Solutions you can now:-


  • Revolutionize your meetings and events with our Reply® Interactive Tools              

  • Energise and maintain your audience interest through proven participation technology

  • Prove to your boss with instant qualified data that your meeting or event produced not only tangible true value but was a success for everyone involved.


We have a range of keypads, software and complimentary products designed to meet all your needs when hosting an interactive event or meeting requiring audience response feedback.


Below is a brief overview of our keypads and software.

The NEW Reply® Interact Series 

Reply Interact Series of Keypads

 Reply® Interact


 Reply® Interact


 Reply® Interact


 Reply® Interact


These are the latest additions to our Reply® Interactive Portfolio.


The New Reply Interact Series  is designed as an improvement to the Standard Reply® range and provides enhanced technology and functionality in a compact low-cost package.

The Standard Reply® Range

These are Reply® Standard Portfolio keypads.

 Reply® Leaf

 Reply® Mini

 Reply® Mini+

 Reply® Engage

 Reply® Plus

 Reply® Ativa

The Reply® Standard Portfolio Keyboard Range has been the workhorse of the Audience Response Industry for many years and proven favourite of corporate and education users alike.


An audience response systems is not merely the keypads or the clickers as they are sometimes called, it is an integrated interactive system with specialised software at its core.


below is a brief overview of our different software applications.

Click on the picture above to redirect to our dedicated Edivote® 100 website

Click on picture above to

Redirect to our dedicated

Applivote™ website

Click on the picture above to view the entire Infowhyse Software Suite

Infowhyse Applivote 100 Software
Infowhyse Edivote 100 Software
Infowhyse Software Suite

Infowhyse has for more than a decade dedicated itself to developing a software portfolio to meet the numerous different requirements of the rapidly growing number of users and uses for audience response technology.


Check out our software collection to find out the best fit for you or reach out to us if you need help or guidance. We have a range of keypads, software and complimentary products designed to meet all your needs when hosting  an interactive event or meeting requiring audience response feedback.


Click below for a brief overview of our different software applications.


This video will give you a quick overview about the Reply® Interact from Infowhyse. In this video we'll explain the Key Features and Functions of this product.


With over 6 million keypads already in the field, Reply® has many thousands of satisfied users throughout the World.  It is used by companies big and small, Fortune 500 to SME, Government agencies, Universities, Schools and by numerous Market Research Companies amongst many others.

Below are just a few of our users.



We are here to help you.  Please contact us today with any questions you my have regarding our service to you

Infowhyse Full Audience Response Keypad Range