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Audience Response (Voting) Systems from Reply®

The best Devices

Let us help you to find the right voting solution for your events & trainings. Infowhyse GmbH offers a wide Range of Voting Keypads and also Browser based Voting using the Reply®BYOPAD™

The best Software

Whether you are looking for a voting system for feedback events, education, CME, general meetings, AGM’s, Association meetings, quizzes/games or council votes, we have the right product for you.

The Reply® Advantage

Infowhyse strives to offer good prices in the industry combined with the best value, products and support.
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Why purchase Reply® Audience Response (Voting) Systems from Infowhyse?

Everyone knows the most effective meeting and learning activities share a common element: a high level of audience participation. In short, interaction. But not everyone knows that with Reply®electronic voting systems, wireless audience response technology, you can add interaction in a way that’s proven to increase participant interest, encourage participation, improve comprehension, and increase retention.

Replace Hand votings and enhance your customers feedback now with a Reply® Interact Voting System and bring your meetings to a new Level.

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Why Rent a Voting System from Infowhyse?

DRY HIRE an audience response System

Infowhyse holds a huge stock of most Reply® Keypads. If you already own a system or have your own technicians that will run your show, Dry Hire your voting system from Infowhyse. We will assist in preparing your event, get you up and running with our experienced technicians.

Serviced Rentals

Our experienced Technicians can both assist and fully fulfil your needs for your event everywhere in the EU. If you are looking for serviced Rentals outside the EU, don’t hesitate to contact us. Infowhyse has a global network of audience response companies with experienced technicians that can assist on your events.