Voting Keypads Portfolio

The Reply® Interact Mini - IN1100

The Reply® Interact Mini is smaller than a credit card, easy to transport and comfortable to hold or wear. With 5 Buttons for user input it is the perfect size for many applications. The Reply® Interact Mini is ideal for corporate meetings, associations, events assemblies where not more than 5 options are required. It has a small LCD that can display the Vote status, User input and Confirmation of Vote.

Reply® Interact – IN2100

The Reply® Interact is slightly bigger than the IN1100 (credit card size). It comes with a 5 Digit (16 – Segment) LCD to allow Numerical Input and Display Yes, No, ABS in Screen (e.g. for Y/N/A Questions). The Reply® Interact has advanced functionality compared to the Reply® Interact Mini and comes with 14 Buttons for User Input and Navigation. The Reply® Interact is ideal for bigger Events, Corporate Meetings, Education and Assemblies.

Reply® Interact Plus – IN3100

The Reply® Interact Plus is the same size as the IN2100, but has a more powerful screen that allows the User to send text using a SMS Keyboard Layout. Furthermore, the Reply® Interact Plus supports Homework Mode and Live Examination (asynchronistic Voting). This Keypad is ideal for Corporate Events, Education, Assemblies and medium sized events where High-Level functionality is required.

Reply® Interact Pro – IN4100

The Reply® Interact Pro has the same size as the IN2100 and IN3100. It is especially designed for all size of meetings, elections, assemblies, events and corporate meetings. Compared to the Reply® Interact Plus it has the dedicated education functionality replaced by more interaction and self-paced voting as like the Batch Voting and Batch Evaluations. This allows the user to answer a set of questions on their own speed and deliver high-value results to the moderator. Furthermore, the Reply® Interact Pro has been enhanced with Messaging back from the Keypad to the base station

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