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26x Reply® Leaf Batteryless Keypad
01x Reply® Leaf WRS971-L Base station for voting devices
01x Reply® Carrying case for easier transport (735690)
+ EdiVote® Pro 3.0 software license for 30 Keypads (free of charge with this package)

Get your Reply® Battery Less Leaf Voting System now at an extraordinary low price with our special offer

Get your complete Reply® voting system for a fraction of the regular price.

What’s included in the Reply® Leaf System?

26x Reply® Leaf Keypads
01x Reply® Leaf WRS971-L USB Base station
01x Reply® Carry case / Softcase 735690
01x Reply® Leaf Charging Rack for 26 Keypads
+ EdiVote® Pro 3.0 software licensed for up to 30 Keypads

This Special Offer allows you to combine up to 26 participants using keypads to take part in your interactive voting sessions.


Only available for orders received on or before 30th June 2022

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