More than 100 keypad Capacity; 64-bit version; More than 10 answer options; X/Y/Z Scatter Diagrams; Candidate Elections; And more! Edivote® Pro 2.0 is now available for purchase.

EdiVote® Pro

As easy as 1, 2, 3 The key to Edivote®Pro is simplicity! Edivote®Pro is a Microsoft PowerPoint® Add-In.

Easy Reports using Microsoft EXCEL®.


Property Management meetings revolve mainly around legally sound elections, reliefs and votes on many different agenda items. The Reply® voting systems in conjunction with the OwnARS™ software offers you a cost-effective and flexible solution for your ownership meetings.


Parliamentary or council style voting? - Proper and legal unimpeachable conduct of votes. Open and secret votings, encrypted transmission.


Party conferences or shareholder and creditors meetings? Candidate elections? developed for different kind of assemblies which are hosted by Associations, Unions, investment or shareholder meetings.

Dedicated Software Titles

Looking for Special Applications or a customised build? Contact us and we will see what we can do for you.


Freedom of expression! Are you presenting a video, complex photographs, macro media, etc.? Need to get feedback without switching to PowerPoint®? MAC version also available.

Works with Reply® Interact Series keypads only.


Independent but PowerPoint simplicity? The Synthesis™, Unity™, Elect™ package for customized solutions is here for you.
Use it with Interact Series or Standard Range of Reply® Keypads.


SoftVote®’s ability to dynamically link multiple questions and answers and apply formulae, eliminators, criteria, etc. arguably makes SoftVote® the industries most powerful multi-purpose audience response software to date.

Transform your meeting by adding qualitative data through the new Wisdom Wizard™ (in combination with selected SMS capable keypads). Wisdom Wizard™ is not just simply another method of voting, it’s a true interactive brainstorming and decision support solution.

Wisdom Wizard®.

Interactive brainstorming and decision support? Transform your meeting by adding qualitative data.
(In combination with selected SMS capable keypads).


Auctions? The I-Bid™ Software allows you to select between different bidding modes, stop a lot after a specific time period and you don't even need a hammer.


Voting software which ties into your registra software? Voting software which allows to be controlled via your own user interface during an AGM?
Then this is the right place to look for it.

Actively involving your studio audience with a dynamic quiz was never simpler as it is today with this software.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Ted4TV™ is a solution that is developed especially for TV-Shows and Game Designers.
TED4TV™/VoteCollector™ will provide you with the raw data (XML based) by optional remote controlled file transfer.

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