Software Comparison


The EdiVote® Microsoft PowerPoint® Add-In covers all the voting requirements for 85% of most meetings currently held.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint® Add-In
  • Single Selection
  • Multiple Selection
  • Free Numeric Input
  • Text Input
  • Games & Quizzes
  • Demographics
  • Comparisons
  • Microsoft EXCEL® Reports
  • Available for 32-bit and 64-Bit Office (2013 and above)
  • Candidate Elections
  • Yes/No/Abstain with Rules
  • Designed for more common meeting scenarios
  • Case Studies: CME, Trainings, Feedback, Interactive Meetings, Games and Quizzes, Evaluations


Parliamentary or council style voting? - Proper and legal unimpeachable conduct of votes. Open and secret votings, encrypted transmission.

  • Attendance List
  • Vizualisation of the Result Secret or Open
  • Store assigned participants to a Device Number and save it for future
  • Storing of all Agenda Items in a List
  • Scret Votings (Indication fields are marked blue)
  • Agenda List based easy Start Voting, Stop Voting and Show Result Handling
  • Detailed Report printouts for each Agenda item, immediately available when vote is closed
  • Open and Secret Voting
  • Stand Alone Software that does not rely on Office products being installed
  • Case Studies: Councils, Townhalls, and every parliamentary style voting.


Board meetings of shared properties require a type of functionality to deal with the multiple different rules and regulations that apply.

  • Memberlist import from CSV
  • Import from Topics from Textfile
  • Determination of the quorum during the current meeting, also for all sub-communities
  • Weighted reconciliation according to co-ownership interests
  • Possibility of excluding voting rights (e.g. in the event of dismissal of an advisory board or administrator)
  • Management of proxies with various instructions or without instructions for the proxy holder
  • Optional Documentation of the voting behaviour of all owners
  • Either secret or open elections (display of the individual voting behaviour on the screen)
  • short-term additions to the agenda (motions to amend the Rules of Procedure)
  • Determination of the double qualified majority


Party conferences or shareholder and creditors meetings? Candidate elections? developed for different kind of assemblies which are hosted by Associations, Unions, investment or shareholder meetings.

  • Registration Votes
  • Motions
  • Single Selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Candidate Election
  • Standalone Votes
  • Open, named and secret Voting
  • Different present checks
  • Detailled Logging of each Voting Process
  • Clear Visualisation of the voting process
  • Transparent monitoring during the voting
  • Visualized result at the end of each vote
  • Preview of results to the Counsel or the Presidency

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