CouncilARS 1.4.30 – Vote electronically on motions and get instant results

What is new?

The Presence Check voting mode has been moved from the SEND key to the 1/A key. The reason for this is to improve the performance of the voting mode with one option instead of the voting mode of the presence check used so far.

The hotkeys are now also available in the media control view.

New output mode

A new output mode can be selected in the CouncilARS™ options. Due to the queries, a “Hybrid” mode can now optionally be selected. This mode visualises the individual voting behaviour only after the end of the voting. During the voting, only (equivalent to a secret ballot) that the respective person has voted is displayed, but not what he or she has voted.

New option In the options

it is now possible to determine whether the individual voting behaviour is to be displayed first or whether the voting behaviour by fraction is to be displayed directly.


1) Bugfix in the speaker list administration
Currently it was possible for the active speaker to remove himself from the list during his speech by pressing the 5 key, which led to an error when ending the speaking time.

2) Update for the fractionheadings CouncilARS™ did not update the layout properly and had to be restarted to update the fractionheadings when the list of participants was changed. This has been fixed

On the main screen, if the menu bar was hidden using the media controls, it would sometimes reappear when changing the resolution item. This should now be fixed.