CouncilARS™ 1.6.06 Release Notes

Bug fixes

  • Introduction of a new template with 6 columns for up to 120 participants.
  • Redesign of the member list for a simpler view of the members present/not present.
  • It happened that despite setting the presence, not all participants were set directly present and accordingly the manual presence had to be checked several times. This error should now be fixed.
  • Bug fixes in the view of the participants
  • The BYOPAD™ now displays the entire text of the resolution. This can be opened and closed via the 3 dots on the display (smartphone).


  • Re-design of the zoom function (F8) for the results, which now has 2 functions.
    • Enlargement of the result and
    • Hiding the participants in the output.
    • When pressing the F8 key, the list of participants is hidden in the display and the entire resolution text is shown (should this be longer. The result display slides up and gets more space than before.
  • Introduction of non-roll call votes as a separate option in each resolution. This means that “non-roll call votes”, secret ballots and roll call votes are now available in CouncilARS™.
  • The difference between a non-roll call vote and a secret ballot is that with a secret ballot, no data other than the overall result is written to the reports. In the case of a non-roll call vote, the party results can optionally also be written into the report, whereas in the case of an open vote, individual results (per participant), party results and overall results can be written into the reports.
  • For this purpose, the option (Record party results also in secret ballots) was removed from the options.
  • Users of Sternberg SD NET Session Software can now export their topics to CSV and import it to CouncilARS™ Topics without reformatting.

Changes to Speakerslist

  • A stopwatch can now be used as an alternative to the countdown.
  • In the speaker list there is now a function to pause and stop the countdown.
  • Users now have 2 ways to join a list
    a) To request a speaking time in general, press “1”.
    b) To make a “point of order”, press “2”. The name is highlighted in red for the CouncilARS™ operator, on the output in the extended desktop the name is written in red instead