CouncilARS™ 1.7.04 – Release Notes


  • CouncilARS (keypads only) has now been merged into CouncilARS™ Hybrid.
    There are now 3 icons on the desktop or in the menu.
  1. a) CouncilARS™ Standard – is the version for all those who have not received or purchased CouncilARS™ Hybrid in the beginning. Depending on when you purchased CouncilARS™, smartphone connectivity via our Reply® BYOPAD™ was not yet available. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact us.
  2. b) CouncilARS™ Hybrid – is the version for those who have already purchased CouncilARS™ Hybrid.
  3. c) CouncilARS™ Simulation – is the simulation mode of CouncilARS™.
    All 3 versions are functionally identical, only the smartphone connection is not available in CouncilARS™ Standard and Simulation.
  • The current timestamp of the writing of the page for the PDF (end of voting) is now inserted into the PDF.
  • The voting mode and the information about “secret” or “not by name” is added to the PDF report.
  • The attendance column in the list of participants has been moved between DeviceID and Name for ease of use
  • For the operators we have created the possibility to change the attendance quickly and easily. There is a new “SHORTCUT” for this purpose
    F3 – opens a new window with which you can quickly and easily change attendances. You can find more information in the manual
  • Further small bug fixes