CouncilARS™ 1.7.30

What is new?

1. the file extension has been added to the system. Users can now double click on the “CouncilARS file” to import it directly. 2.

2. operator can now set the background colour for secret and non-secret votes in the options.

3. operator can now set the foreground colour for secret and non-name votes in the options

4. the operator can now set the background colour for the parties in the Colum “Party”.

5. The operator can also specify the foreground colour for the parliamentary groups in the parliamentary group column behind the colour code with black or white (white is the default if nothing else has been stored. To do this, simply add “x1” after the colour code to display the font in black. 

Improvements, Updates and Bugfixes.

6. updates to the speakers list in terms of performance and visibility.

7. updates to the import procedure for existing projects that have been exported.

8. users can now easily import an existing project without having to restart.

9. a change of language no longer requires a restart.

10. update for exported elements

11. updates for the English translation

12. updates on BYOPAD to prevent app crash when disconnected

13. bug fix for laptops with high resolutions + scaling Windows cannot bring the audience view to the second monitor because the values used to calculate it are outside its proper limits.