CouncilARS™ Release Notes

Carry out resolution electronically with CouncilARS™


Import Function

You can now import Topics from a CSV File into CouncilARS. The Template can be opened from within the Topics Overview Dialog.




THIS CREATES BETTER READABILITY! (Press ESC to return to the original screen).


If no vote is open, a separate window can be opened by pressing F5. This opens a poll for the electronic recording of requests to speak and also implies the possibility to keep track of the speaking time.


BUTTON 1 on the voting device (Reply Interact Mini) is used to join the request to speak

BUTTON 5 on the voting device (Reply Interact Mini) is used to delete yourself from the list.


The chairperson of the meeting, or the person who operates the CouncilARS software, can sort the requests to speak within the list. By clicking on a request to speak, this person is activated. And the timer can be started to begin the speech.


START: Starts the timer, deactivates the list of requests to speak (only for the operator)

STOP: Stops the timer, Activates like list of word messages for the operator.

DELETE: Deletes the activated user from the list (e.g. after the end of the speech).

Timer: The timer can be individualised. The format is: HH:mm:SS (hour:minutes:seconds).


Every action is logged in the lower third of the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Joining the Request to speak List
  • Leaving the Request to speak list
  • Speech started
  • Speech/Speaking time finished

This log can be saved in text format by pressing the “Save” button.

If you forget to save explicitly, you will be asked whether you want to save the protocol when closing the window. If you press “No”, the minutes of the speeches will not be saved.)

Requests to speak can be added manually (e.g. If you want the mayor or district administrator to always be at the top of the list, add him (e.g. Mayor XYZ). The name should be different from the names in your list of participants in CouncilARS™, otherwise it will be removed when pressing KEY 5 on Mayor XYZ’s device IF they are spelled exactly the same).


  • Checking the presence in the Audience List will now provide Timestamp and current Status in the Report Document to have a better Overview when your audience leaves/comes
  • Bugfixes when somebody has no party set, he will be ignored on the partyview output.
  • Bugfix for Stopping the Vote giving TextReader Error Message
  • Introduced the functionality to import Topics from CSV (2 Columns)
  • If the “resolution number” contained special characters that were not permitted as file names, the programme crashed or the screenshot could not be saved. This has been fixed


  • Logo has been added to the top right side of the screen (can be changed by a double click)
  • Backup License will be written in case the license is not saved correctly
  • Introduced ability to delete all Topics
  • Detailed Results have been changed to horizontal


  • Non Present Audience will not be shown
  • When setting keypad to -1, the row is used as heading and will be displayed in bold
  • New Option: Hide Party Column to use longer names (application must be restarted to activate the function)
  • HTML file will written and updated for each vote to be able to publish this to different monitors (the css file will only be written if not existing and can be used to format the html file.


  • Extension of Motion Text to support more than 2 Lines and auto adjust
  • Comment function has been moved to bottom left Screen
  • Name in CSV List can also contain comma values


  • View for 40, 60, 80 and 100 to align the Names next to the Keypad Number and not centered.


  • Bugfixes for changes in 1.3.60 readability.


  • For better readability, the Names will be shown white on Green, Red, and Grey Background (Option5)
  • Introducing the comment function. The Operator can add a comment to the current Displayed Motion, so there is no need to change the topic text itself. The Comment will be written into the Report and will be visible on the Screenshot.
    Comment function is only reachable by shortcut, not by Menu. Shortcut is: ALT+C


  • Bugfix for Upgrading Properties on a new Version
  • Bugfix on Importing (license does not get overwritten anymore)


  • Bugfix for Language


Bugfix on Importing csv file


Bugfix in Options (Screenshot Saving was bound to the wrong Property)


Introduction of Shortcuts:
ALT + O => Options (options)
ALT + T => Topics (topic)
ALT + A => Audience (audience)
ALT + H => Show/Hide Menu (hide)
ALT + V => Start/Stop Vote (vote)
ALT + S => Select Topic from List (select)
ALT + N => Next Topic (next)
ALT + B => Previous Topic (before)
F11 => Test Keypad Battery Level (Green = Full, Yellow = Medium, Red = Nearly Empty)

  • Updated Options with more clarity
  • Added optional Screenshot when stopping the vote.
  • Changed CSV Files to be optional


Added Italian Language


Animation of “Please Vote Now” while a vote is open
Stop Vote button is nearly invisible while vote is open


Voting Mode is now not shown as Index, it’s showing with it’s content.
Members View has been moved to Options Window instead of the Main Window


Bugfix on Report of Overview
Dropdown for Topics is limited in Size
Report for Presence Check Votings
Single Selection Votes show Numbers 1-5 instead of Characters A-E


First Release