CouncilARS™ 1.4.10 Release Notes

In the latest version of CouncilARS™ we have made a few improvements and bug fixes.

  • When voting again on the same resolution item just voted on, the user is asked to confirm beforehand.
  • A new non-voting item has been added. Here only the text is displayed, but the “slide” cannot be voted on.
  • Bugfix for the import of resolution texts (Because CouncilARS™ is multilingual, there are often small errors when importing English CSV (comma as separator) with German CSV files (semicolon as separator). This is usually not visible to the user, but sometimes leads to problems when importing if one does not think about it.
  • Bugfix for resolutions (if no resolutions were available and new resolutions were created or imported, the first topic was displayed, but not selected at the bottom of the topic selection list.