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CouncilARS™ can not only be operated by the mouse, but also offers some functions that are available via the keyboard. Here you will find a list of all functions. The functions have been taken from the English

Key combinations #

  • ALT+O (Options)
  • ALT+T (Topics)
  • ALT+A (Audience)
  • ALT+H (Hide) – Hide/Show the Menubar
  • ALT+V (VOTE) – Start/Stop Vote
  • ALT+S (Select Topic from a List)
  • ALT+N (Next Topic)
  • ALT+B (Previous Topic – Before)
  • ALT+C (Comment current Topic)

Functions #

CouncilARS also offers some functions that can be accessed via the F-keys but do not have their own button in the programme.

F1 – Move the output screen to the first screen

F2 –Move the output screen to the second monitor

F3 – Open a window with the participant list and a search function to set participants present/absent more quickly without having to open and close the participant list completely each time.

F5 – Open Speakerslist Module

F8 – Fold in the list of participants, enlarge the result and the resolution text (if necessary)

F11 – Battery Test –

With this key combination you can test the current battery level of the Interact Mini series. All switched-on units transmit their battery status independently and the corresponding persons are highlighted with green/yellow or red.
Green = Full battery,
Yellow = Medium battery level
Red = Low battery, battery needs to be replaced soon.
No display: Unit is off or battery is empty.

F12 – Opens the BYOPAD™ Windows

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Updated on August 17, 2022