(CouncilARS™ HYBRID – Only) #

The dialogue shown above opens.

To use BYOPAD™ you need a licence. This is not included in the CouncilARS™ standard licence. If you are interested, please contact or your contact person at Infowhyse GmbH.

In order to “create” and run a session, the participant list with the passwords MUST already exist.

Session Name #

Assign a session name (e.g. County Council – Duckburg July 2022)


Assign a memorable EVENT CODE for the participants under which the participants can find the session. Please do not use event codes such as 1234, test123 or similar easily guessable event codes. Communicate this event code to your participants in good time.

Connect #

If all the data is correct and the list of participants has been created beforehand, press Connect to start the session.

Safety information #

When connecting, no names or fractions are loaded onto the server (hosted by Strato AG), only the connection between the "ID" and the "password" is established in order to assign the user to the corresponding person in CouncilARS™. It is therefore similar to the handheld transmitters.
Furthermore, no votes are stored on the server permanently/after the end of the vote. The BYOPAD™ server only forwards the vote made by the smartphone/tablet or PC to CouncilARS™, which is installed locally on the user's computer. By pressing the "Stop voting" button, the current data is retrieved from the server and then deleted from the server. The data can then no longer be restored, but are only available locally to the user.
In the case of secret and non-roll call votes, the user's data is also deleted immediately after the end of the vote and is therefore no longer available.
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Updated on August 22, 2022