For control during a session, you can use the menu bar at the bottom of the main screen.

Here you can select the individual points and then carry out your votes via Start/Stop voting. If you are using two monitors, it is recommended to set them to “Expand” before you start CouncilARS and use this control.

Multiple monitor control #

In the upper area you can see the current text of the resolution. If you need to edit it, you can do so simply by double-clicking.

1st line Voting control. #

  • Selection list of resolutions to be able to skip resolutions or to select the correct one directly.
  • Previous. Goes back to the previous decision
  • Next. Goes to the next decision
  • Start/Stop voting.
  • Show caucus behaviour (only after the end of the vote and only for non-secret votes.

2nd line Options and settings #

Here you will find the items that have been worked through in the manual up to this point. Options, Participants, Resolutions and the BYOPAD™

3rd line Special options #

We will go into more detail about the special options at a later date. This includes special functions in the operation of CouncilARS™.

Zoom in on result: If the output of the result is displayed too small for the participants, you can use this to “hide” the list of names and display the result and, if applicable, the resolution text larger.

Speakerslist: Opens the word message module.

Output screen 2: Depending on the use of hardware or software to control the screens of several PCs (e.g. when using Clickshare), it may happen that the output screen is shifted to screen 1 when the “PC” is changed. To quickly and easily move this back to the 2nd monitor when it is active, there is this button.

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Updated on August 22, 2022