Reply® Voting Keypads

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Our Reply® Interact Voting Keypads

In our Reply® Interact series you are guaranteed to find the right voting system for your events. We offer a complete portfolio of voting units, from a low-cost, basic voting unit for feedback events and simple Y/N/A votes, to voting units suitable for general meetings/elections and large events. In addition to our voting units themselves, Infowhyse also offers hybrid solutions for smartphone use.

Reply® Votiung Keypad Range. Reply Interact Mini, Reply Interact and Reply Interact Plus in Full Display.
Reply® Interact Mini Voting System

Reply® Interact Mini

Small and inexpensive, the Reply® Interact Mini has 6 keys, a single digit display and is designed for ease of use. The compact but powerful Reply® Interact Mini is ideal for
businesses and educational institutions that need simple basic voting functions.

Reply® Interact

The Reply® Interact, compact and lightweight, is ideal for many large and small events where simplicity is key. If you want to conduct any form of assembly, training, grouping, class test, or even an election, this device can provide a simple but multifunctional and reliable voting system.