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Our mission is to help the World understand that there is always a discoverable answer to solve every human or business problem: The Answer Lies In The Questions™

The Answer Lies In The Questions


​Questions are almost certainly the most powerful communication tools available to us. Strong interaction, intellectual collateral, strategic planning and the meaningful exchange of ideas and information are all products of asking skilful questions and heeding the answers that they elicit.

​Questions are almost certainly the most powerful communication tools available to us. Strong interaction, intellectual collateral, strategic planning and the meaningful exchange of ideas and information are all products of asking skillful questions and heeding the answers that they elicit.

In the absence of adept questions, communications are often considered weak or worthless, non-communicative rhetoric if you will, or worse still – Miscommunication. Why?  Because all too often we discard the importance of questions and refuse to see, hear or respond to the answers, thinking or opinions of others.

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Questions are the means we use to unearth new information, to compare our points of view and perceptions with reality, to seek solutions, and to learn more about what others are thinking and perceiving.


When we don't ask questions, we're assuming that we know everything there is to know about the topic or issue which, even in the very rare case that that might be true, can give the misleading impression that the views of others are unimportant.

Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a  presenter and the audience improves attentiveness, interest,  comprehension, and recall. Direct involvement and instant feedback  also promote more effective communication. The result is greater  effectiveness and productivity -- for both the presenter and audience  members.


Keep your people involved, consult with them and welcome their opinions by posing the right questions and listening to their answers through one of the powerful audience response systems available from…

Why use an Audience Response System?


If you think back to previous meetings and events, how often have you observed or felt an atmosphere of frustration because the participant’s attention was no longer focused on the topic under discussion or the problem in question? How often have you come

across a situation where a question addressed to the audience appears to be ignored by 50% of the particiants on a rough hand count?


Psychologists will bombard you with vastly complex communication techniques based on behavioural and psychological studies but all too often what the audience really wants is to be involved, consulted or

simply just to be recognized as real people rather than numbers on a delegate list or payroll computer.


In many such cases this is primarily a lack of insight: The event organizer may be the one that everybody looks at if everything falls flat, but in reality the speaker is the person ultimately

responsible for whether his audience has to endure one-way communication (i.e. being talked at) or can enjoy the experience and dynamism of true two-way communications created through Interaction.

Through the use of an audience response system or “Interaction” , organizers can help themselves and their speakers create the type of environment and atmosphere that customers or management have asked them to create and to facilitate the delivery and feedback in a dynamic fashion.

But I’m the speaker….. Why do I need to listen?

Often, when an audience is not involved in a process their mind will wander and their interest wane, by contrast an involved audience is more attentive and far more likely to give greater thought to the information being received and to participate in the process itself.


As a speaker you talk to your audience – but are they listening? Consider the last conference that you attended as a delegate, were you totally captivated or were you like many other delegates struggling to keep your mind on what the speaker was saying or trying to show?


Most observers would consider the main focus to be the presenter and generally identify the listener as passive. Nothing could be further from the truth, listening is the real objective. Listening empowers people to take responsibility, to be more productive, to influence their environment, and at the end of the day to increase the bottom line.

Listening reduces stress. Studies have shown that improved communication skills can actually reduce stress! Listening and communication skills give you the tools to manage conflict and feel a sense of control in the workplace.


“But my role is to present, why do I need to listen?”


Employees, whether on the shop floor or senior managers, are more productive when their ideas are listened to and acted upon. They will go the extra mile when their feelings are validated in a conference or meeting environment. This is made possible through audience response technology.


As a senior manager and conference speaker, it is always difficult to convince staff, particularly those with a lesser degree of customer interface, to make support statements. For example “Service is far more important than price” or “We must provide the customer with what he wants and not just what we want him to have”. This validates the customer’s concerns and creates empathy and trust. Through a

process of feedback debate is stimulated, issues examined, employees consulted and understanding achieved.

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