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Our mission is to help the World understand that there is always a discoverable answer to solve every human or business problem: The Answer Lies In The Questions™

Q1.  [Technology] Why are keypads better then dials for audience  response applications?

Q2.  [Software] Does your system work with PowerPoint*?

Q3.  [Custom Products] Can you put our logo on the Reply® keypad or otherwise personalize it?

Q4.  [Sales and Rentals] I am an audio-visual integrator and want to sell a Reply® system to one of my customers. How do I buy it, and what discounts are available to resellers?

Q5.  [Sales and Rentals] Can I buy directly from you without becoming qualified as a Reply® Reseller? Can I write my own software, too?

Q6.  [Software] What software applications are 'packaged' with Reply®, and what are its/their capabilities?

Q7.  [Technology] How does Reply® radio frequency (RF) technology compare against competitive infrared (IR) technology-based systems?

Q8.  [Sales and Rentals] Who handles your European sales?

Q9.  [Regulatory Compliance, Technology] Why is FCC approval required for wireless devices like Reply®?

Q10. [Sales and Rentals] How do you sell your products?

Q11. [Sales and Rentals] How do I rent a Reply® system?

Q12. [Regulatory Compliance] What are RoHS and WEEE, and how do those EU directives affect electronics products like Reply?

Q13. [Technology] How well do your RF systems operate in the presence of other wireless devices and avoid interference?

Q14. [Technology] One of your competitors told us that polling was an outdated way to conduct audience and student response activities. They also said that the best way is to use a product that employs a commercial protocol like Bluetooth or Z-something.

Q15. [Technology] Some of your products contain Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion batteries. When shipping them, what are the US and international regulations that apply?