CouncilARS™ Options

1) User interface #

Here you can make all possible settings for the display of the participants and resolutions.

  • Participant view: Here you can set the number of columns (max. 20 rows per column) you need to display the council members properly.
  • In the next area you can set various colours and font sizes and types, select background colours and frames.
  • Language. Currently available in German, English and Italian.
  • Project Import/Export
    • With these two functions you can move or copy the settings and contents (excluding results and protocols) from one PC/laptop to another using XML format. This is especially useful if you operate several committees with CouncilARS™.

2) Protocol #

Here you decide what you must and may log and what is displayed.

  • Protocol storage location: Here you can also change the protocol storage location during or at the beginning of the event in order to create a new “blank” protocol.
  • Log individual voting results: This function is only available for roll call votes (default setting in CouncilARS™). Individual voting behaviour is not logged for non-roll call and secret ballots.
  • Log caucus results: This function is NOT available for secret ballots. This function is available for non-roll call and roll call (open) votes.
  • By default, results are only written to the protocol. Optionally, you can also save the results in a CSV and/or the screenshot of the vote. In the case of open votes, we offer the option of disclosing the votes only after the voting has ended. As an alternative to displaying the results, we also offer the option of displaying the results directly (if available).

Voting #

Here you can set the options for your Reply Interact Keypads.

Always confirm with “SEND #

This forces users to cast their vote on their Reply® Interact Series voting device and then confirm it by pressing the “OK” or “SEND” button before it is transmitted to CouncilARS™. If this is not ticked, the vote will be sent directly by pressing the appropriate button without the need for confirmation by “SEND”.

Vote revisable #

With this option, the user can decide whether the voting can be revised or not, while the voting remains open. If the voting is revisable, participants can change their vote as long as the voting is open. If the vote is not revisable, the key pressed first counts and cannot be overwritten.
Recommendation: If the voting is not revisable, it is recommended to tick the box “Always confirm with SEND” to avoid errors in the votes cast.

License Key #

Here you must enter the licence key provided by your dealer or Infowhyse GmbH to activate your voting system. CouncilARS™ always works with 10 keypads in both test and simulation mode.
Lowest and highest unit number
These are the lowest and highest unit numbers for the system you purchased. Please ensure that the range of keypads is covered by your licence.

PDF reporting #

Here you can decide whether you want to receive a PDF report of the voting results and attendance after closing the CouncilARS™ application or not. You can also add your own title and footer, and change the logo.

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Updated on August 22, 2022