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Only available if no voting is open

CouncilARS™ also offers the function to manage a list of speakers.

In this screen you can set the speaking time. You can decide whether the time should run forwards or backwards and who should speak next. So that you do not have to write everything down, all actions are logged in the lower area.

Use by participant #

While this window is open, participants can press the following keys.

1 – Request speaking time

2 – Point of order (shown in red in the list of speakers)

5 – Remove yourself from the list

The same applies to the #hybrid participants

As soon as the participant has made his/her selection and sent it, it appears in the word message list. The operator can mark and move the participant here.

View to sort or priotise the list.

To change the standard speaking time, go to the corresponding field. Format: HH:mm:ss Confirm the new speaking time with Enter. Now select a participant from the speaking time (or has made a point of order) and press Start.

While the participant is speaking and possibly answering the questions or suggestions of another participant who has requested speaking time, this participant can remove himself/herself from the list by pressing the 5 key.

After 70% of the time has passed, the output for the participants (second screen) is shown in yellow. The active speaker is marked green and the other positions are also shown. Any points of order are marked with red names.

The last 10% of the time the remaining time display is highlighted in red.

Press Stop when the speaking time is over. You can now click on the speaker and delete. #Hybrid participants must remove themselves from the list by deleting their vote (pink button) and then removing themselves from the list.

When you finish speaking, you can save the minutes including the speaking times.

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Updated on August 22, 2022